Top 3 things an Amazon Affiliate must do to Avoid Failing and Best way to Succeed.  Plus see List of High Commission Amazon Affiliate Products.  Make commissions of $50 and up, when you sell these products.  :)   These products meet our criteria and you pick the ones you want to promote on your sites.

One reason people don’t get the success they want is, they pick the wrong products to promote.  Some products pay low commissions, some are poor quality and some just don’t sell.  Below are some guidelines to help you pick good products.

Pick Products that pay higher commissions.

Imagine if your site made 10 sales per day, would you rather sell something that paid you $1 commission per sale or $50+ each?  Obviously, more is better.  So, choose high Dollar items to target.  See our list below.  Pick a limit, like products over $100, $500, $1000, etc. Then go and find good products in that range.  Build your site around those products.

Pick Products with high Star ratings.

Customers rate the products from 1 to 5 stars.  Pick products that have good ratings.  Don’t waste your time on products that might sound cool, like on some of the infomercials, but aren’t so great once you get them.  I recommend picking Products with star ratings of 3.5 and higher.  You can set your limits where ever you want.

Pick Products that have 5+ customer reviews

The thought here is, if the products are good or popular they will have multiple reviews by happy customers.  Its a way to filter out the unproven products that haven’t sold a lot through Amazon.

Remember these are suggestions, if you want to raise or lower the limits on these, use your best judgment.  Some niches have lower price items, and that is okay, if you really want to do that niche, go for it.  Some high priced items won’t have a lot of reviews.  There maybe several reasons for this 1) because they have not sold a lot or  2) these buyers are not the type of people that leave reviews on Amazon. Again, use your best judgment.

Pick multiple Product Niches.

Spread the love around. Don’t do one product niche site and stop.  Keep putting up more sites, but keep each site specific to its niche.  One niche per website.  Don’t sell TV’s and baby toys on the same website.

Once you have picked some good products, then the Amazon Affiliate Software – WP Zon Builder can help you create an entire site full of these Amazon Affiliate products in Minutes.  See the video below.

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  • Prices starting at $1000 and higher
  • Products with Star ratings of 4 or higher
  • Products with 5 or more Customer Reviews

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