Best way to Create an online Amazon Store is to use an Amazon Store Builder Script. What’s a script? Watch Video to see how it saves You time and makes building product websites easy.

Basically, an Amazon script is software that processes data from Amazon and posts product information on your website. You decide what types of products you want, and the software posts them to your site.

The mistake that many beginners make is doing things the old fashion way, copying and pasting  code from amazon to their website, one product at a time.  Sure it works, but it takes time and is tedious. There is a much better way.

With a good Amazon Store Script.  You can put 100s of products on to a website in minutes.  You can build brand new product websites or add a Store to and existing website quickly and easily.

Watch this video and you can see how Alex created a Amazon Store site in about 10 minutes.

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Not all Amazon Store scripts are the created equal.  Would you rather have a old station wagon or Lexus SUV?

Here are some key features you need to have:

  • WordPress Based – If the Amazon Script is a WordPress plugin, then you get all the benefits of a WordPress site, 1000s of unique themes, 1000s of helpful plugins, etc.
  • Auto updated Amazon Pricing – if price changes on Amazon, price updates on your site.
  • Auto schedule product post – you can post all products at one time or auto schedule them out over time.
  • Ability to Post many products quickly and easily.

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