You can get an Amazon 90 Day Cookie set for your customers instead of the typical 24 hour cookie that Amazon gives everyone.  WP Zon builder gives you this option.

A Typical Amazon cookie has a 24 hour lifespan, but whenever a product is added to the Amazon shopping cart, it extends the cookie to 90 days.  The cookie is how Amazon knows who to give the commissions to.  The longer the cookie last, the better your chance of getting credit for the sale.

Types of Links That WP Zon Builder has:

  • Link to Amazon product page -  This is normal and Amazon gives everyone a 24 hour cookie.  Many people use this method.
  • Direct Cart Links (Display Add to Cart Button) – Instead of linking directly to the Amazon Product page, Customer is Directed to Amazon add to cart page.  Once they confirm on this page the 90 Day Amazon cookie is set.  With this Cookie set, if they decide to buy within 90 days, you will get the sales commission.  This gives you a lot of extra time for the sale to convert.
  • On-Site Cart Links – This is the shopping cart on your website.  Once they are done shopping, they click the checkout button and they are taken to Amazon’s Add to cart page.  Just like above, Once they confirm here the 90 Day Amazon Cookie is set.

The image below shows you the box to check in WP Zon Builder back end to display the Add to Cart button, so you can get the 90 day Amazon cookie.

Get a 90 day amazon affiliate cookie

See the image below showing the Amazon Add to Cart page and the Continue button.  Once they Click this button the 90 Day Amazon Cookie is set.

Click this button to get 90 Day Amazon Cookie



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