WP Zon Builder makes it easy to create Amazon product review sites.

There are many options when it comes to review sites.  If you know what a review site is, you probably have a mental picture of how they look, but there are many different layout styles that you may not be aware of. See the list below and pick the type of review style you like best.  Or, mix and match the elements that work best for you.  The combinations and display arrangements are almost endless.

Different types of Product Review styles

  • Personal written review – You write your own product review
  • Outsourced written review – Pay someone $5-$15 to write a good review
  • Personal video review
  • Outsourced video review
  • Youtube video review
  • Guest reviews – invite customers to write reviews and allow them to post on your site.
  • Copied review – Find someones review and use it on your site.  Make sure you have permission.
  • Review and compare 2 or more products in the same post. Example: iPad vs. Galaxy Tab.
  • Top picks style review.  Chose products and rate them in a numbered list.
  • Niche Check List.  Example: Top 10 things you need for a camping trip.

Demo Examples of Different types of Review style posts. Click to see the examples:

For more information on how to use the Inline single and multi to insert products into your Product Reviews, click here to go to our Tutorials and Documentation Page.

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