Yes, you can edit posts created with WP Zon Builder.

Text pulled from Amazon by WP Zon Builder can be removed, edited, or added to.

First go to the “Edit Post” page.

1. In the Post Content box you can add content above or below the WP Zon Builder content by adding text above or below the [amzn_product_post] shortcode.

2. In the “Custom Fields” section (lower on the Edit Post page), you can edit the “amzn_ProductDescription” or other fields.

Note – If you can’t see the “Custom Fields”, go to the upper right corner of the Edit Post page, click the tab called “Screen Options”.  Check the box for “Custom Fields” and they will be visible.

Note – If you edit “Custom Fields” make sure you set your Cache settings (under general settings) to your desired results. Cache un-checked will cache for life. Also, you can use the “Field Blacklist” to enter fields that you do not want to be changed, while others get updated.

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