WP Zon Builder now supports these countries.

Amazon supplies API’s (Data) for the countries listed below. As Amazon expands and adds additional Countries, we will include them in WP Zon Builder.

United States United States – amazon.com

Canada Canada – amazon.ca -

China China – amazon.cn -

amazon cn china 亚马逊子公司插件中国

France France – amazon.fr - Amazon affilié plugin de France

Germany Germany – amazon.de – Deutschland - Amazon Affiliate-Plugin Deutschland

Italy Italy – amazon.it – Italia - Amazon affiliato plug-in Italia

Japan Japan – amazon.jp -

amazon jp japan アマゾンのアフィリエイトプラグイン日本

Spain Spain -amazon.es - Espana - Amazon afiliados plugin de España

United Kingdom United Kindom – amazon.co.uk

India India – amazon.in

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