How do I download or re-download plugin?
Where do I find my License Key?
I lost my password to the downloads area.

To Download your product.

Go to enter your Name and Email,  on the next page login with the username and password you were provided with at sign-up.

If you can’t find your password, there is a forgot password feature.

  • Once logged in click the link “My Packages
  • On the right hand side of that screen there is the link for “View Details”
  • Click “View Details”
  • Click the tabe marked “Downloads”
  • Click “Latest – Wp Zon Builder x.x”, click on zip file and download to desktop.  The Gazette Theme is also available on that page.
  • Click “Licenses” to see your License Key.

mypackages view details

 A screen will be displayed with some product details.  To be able to view your downloads or licenses you will need to click on the Downloads tab or the Licenses tab in the View Details screen.

Downloads Licenses screen

** Note – If you are trying to Upgrade to a newer version, but new version is not visible in your download area. 

You need to:

1- Clear cache and try again
2- Try another browser
3- Make sure you are using the login details you received at time of purchase.

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