How can you add Amazon products to an Existing site with WP Zon Builder?

Lets say you have an existing site that has articles, posts and or reviews that you would like to add some Amazon products into.

There are several ways to add Amazon Products to Existing websites:


If you want to add a Full Product Post with all the info from a WP Zon Builder post like Products pics, description, price, buy buttons, etc.  Then you can Easily convert any existing post into a WP Zon Builder Post.

Go to the Edit Post screen for that post and use the WP Zon Builder: Create Product Post menu to convert the existing post to a full fledged WP Zon Builder Product Post.

Create Product Post

Just check the box and insert the products ASIN and then Update/Save the post.  Then add the [amzn_product_post] shortcode somewhere to the post (maybe at the bottom) and Update again.

Create Product Post Step 2

That is how you would add a full Product Post to an existing post.  But there are other ways to get Amazon products into your Existing websites or posts.


If you don’t want the entire Amazon Post, but would prefer a shorten version placed in the middle or end of a post. You can use WP Zon Builder’s Inline single or Inline Multi product posting features.  With these you do not need to convert existing post into WP Zon Builder posts, just place the shortcode in your existing post.  Read more at this post.

Monetize existing websites and posts with Inline product listings


Here are some other informational posts about integrating WP Zon Builder into an existing site.

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