Easily add Amazon Products to your existing website, blog, reviews, posts, pages, etc.

If you already have an Existing website, you can use WP Zon Builder’s Inline Single and Multi product listings feature to add products to any post or page.  Now when people visit your website, they will have another opportunity to buy a related product.

  • With the Inline Single - you pick the exact product you want to list.  You can stack several of the singles together if you want to show more than one product.
  • With the Inline Multi – you pick a keyword and Amazon will list similar or related products.  The Inline Multi allows multiple products to be listed.  We recommend listing 3-6 products in these type of listings.

These WP Zon Builder features make it easy to Monetize your site. Watch the video to see how it works.

This is just one of the ways you can use WP Zon Builder to monetize existing sites. Click here to see more ways to Monetize your sites.

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