Monetize your Websites and Blogs with Amazon Products using WP Zon Builder

Monetize your Blog or Website easily with Amazon ProductsThere are Multiple ways WP Zon Builder can Help you Monetize your Websites and Blogs.  With WP Zon Builder you can quickly and easily build Complete Websites filled with Amazon Products.

In Addition, you can also use it to add Products to existing websites.  It allows you to add sidebar products widgets, add inline product links anywhere inside your existing posts, create a Store category.  And more see details below…

Easily Build Stand alone stores in minutes, Watch video where Alex built a site in about 10 minutes using WP Zon Builder.

Stand alone Website Types

Build Stand alone stores – A site mainly dedicated to products of your choosing, see this link for an example.  Here the site is focusing on popular Cell phones and has a store look and feel.

Build Stand alone Review sites – There are several different review types you can put on your site:  your personal reviews, other people’s reviews, Youtube or video reviews, Outsource someone to write short reviews for you ($5-$10), etc.

Build complete Niche stores – Amazon sells just about everything, so there are 1000′s of products and Niches to choose from. Go shopping on Amazon and you will find many great ideas.

Build Content or Review site and separate Store site – Different URLs, sub domain or a sub directory. One site focusing on content and the other on products, both working together and pointing at each other. See example here.

Build Content or Review site with a Store as a Category – Normal content site about your niche, and have one category called Store, Products or Shop.  Put all of your products in that section and link to them from the content areas. See example here.

Build a Hub store – Where many of your content sites point to one store site. Like spokes on a wheel pointing to the Hub.

Build and Sell Sites – Build complete websites made with WP Zon Builder. See our Developers License for more details.

Niche Checklist Sites – Examples: top 5 items needed for a camping trip, top 10 products needed for survival, top 8 things children need for school, etc.

Ways to Monetize existing Websites

  • Add Similar Products sidebar widget (Universal or post specific) (more info)
  • Add Accessories sidebar Widget (Universal or post specific) (more info)
  • Add Inline single product listing – add a product anywhere inside a post (more info)
  • Add Inline Multi product listings - add multiple products anywhere inside a post (more info)
  • Add Inline single and Multi listings to the bottom of all posts automatically – If you have several key products you want to place at the end of every post, you can.
  • Add a Store/Products category to existing site – here you could have all your products listed (more info)
  • Add links pointing to your store – either a category on existing site or a new URL
  • Add WP Zon Builder Affiliate link – when someone clicks and purchases our product, you get paid, very easy.  Click here for details.

We hope this post has given you some good ideas on how to Monetize your Websites and Blogs.

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