Spun text can be added to any post either before or after the WP Zon Builder [amzn_product_post] shortcode.  Or you can change out the content in the amzn_ProductDescription Custom Field of the post and this will replace Amazon’s product description with your own unique content.

Placing your own content before or after the [amzn_product_post] shortcode, found on the Edit screen of a Post or Page, will place the content either at the beginning or the end of your product post.

To change or modify the Product Description from Amazon you can edit the “amzn_ProductDescription” Custom Field of an individual WP Zon Builder product post.

To display the Custom Fields go to the Edit screen of the product you want to modify, then in the upper right corner of the screen you will see a tab labeled “Screen Options”.  Click that and check the box for “Custom Fields”.  Now when you scroll down the page you will see the “Custom Fields”.

You can modify or replace the content in the text field next to the ”amzn_ProductDescription” Custom Field.  Plain text or HTML can be put into the text field.  When done update the post and your new content will be displayed.

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