WP Zon Builder 1.15 is a minor update mostly offering small improvements in functionality and various bug fixes.

Changes in 1.15

Sorting/Add To Queue now works in IE.
Pagination is limited to number of pages Amazon will actually provide through the API.
Posts no longer appear as Uncategorized when using automatic brand category creation
After clicking Add All… the results are loaded again with Remove From Queue links
All templates now make product images links to Amazon (boosts conversions 25%+)
Add First ___ To Queue functionality improved
PHP filenames prefixed with “amzn” to avoid conflicts with poorly coded 3rd party plugins
Added alt=”[Title]” to product images in templates (improved SEO)
Plugin icon added. Special thanks to Xdreamer for designing the icon.
Rating stars are now transparent and will display nicely, with smooth edges, on any color background.
Add To Queue screen always displays product images

Instructions to upgrade from 1.0 or 1.1

Before starting, if you do not have a current backup of your site, now is a good time to make one.

1. Download WPZonBuilder115.zip from the customer area.
2. If you have custom templates or any modifications done, make sure you save these before proceeding to step 3.
3. Delete the /wp-content/plugins/amzn/ folder.
4. Follow the installation instructions in WPZonBuilder115.zip.

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