WP Zon Builder 2.1 is an update to WP Zon Builder offering numerous functionality improvements. Version 2.1 is available for free to all version 2.x customers.

Notable Additions In 2.1

  • Six additional settings.
  • Options to strip all HTML code from product descriptions.
  • Option to populate the WordPress manual excerpt field with the product description.
  • Custom field mapping to the post content and post excerpt.
  • Option to specify custom fields not updated by the data expiry/cache feature.
  • Optional comment scheduling – comments with future dates won’t show up before their date has passed.
  • Option to post to Pages with option to specify a parent page from the WP Zon Builder -> Post Products screen.

Instructions to Upgrade to 2.1 from 2.0

Before starting, if you do not have a current backup of your site, now is a good time to make one.

1. Download WPZonBuilder21.zip from the customer area.
2. If you have custom templates or any modifications done, make sure you save these before proceeding to step 3.
3. Delete the /wp-content/plugins/amzn/ folder.
4. Follow the installation instructions in WPZonBuilder21.zip.

Upgrade instructions for 1.x customers

Users of 1.15+ can upgrade to 2.x by following the instructions here. Users pre-1.15 should upgrade to 1.16b first before upgrading to 2.0/2.1. Read this for more details.

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