I’m proud to announce the release of WP Zon Builder 2.3. This update offers numerous functionality improvements, and is available free to all WP Zon Builder 2.x customers.

The biggest new feature is the new optional On-Site Shopping Cart for US Amazon Associates – it allows a WP Zon Builder-powered site to operate like a self-contained online store.

Enabling the On-Site Shopping Cart feature will add an Add To Cart button to all of your WP Zon Builder-created posts. Visitors will be able to add products to a shopping cart, and only when the Checkout button is clicked will they be sent to Amazon to complete their order.

Depending on the style of your site and your traffic, this feature could give you a HUGE boost in conversions.

Other Notable Additions In 2.3

  • Create Tags On Post Products Page
  • Automatic WordPress Thumbnail/Featured Image Functionality Integration
  • Optional Local Storing Of WordPress Post Thumbnail
  • New [LargeImage] Template Tag To Display The Highest-Resolution Image From Amazon
  • Date & User-Agent Information Available in Click Reports
  • Optional Tag for Product ASIN on Integration Page
  • More Intelligent Gathering of Product Prices, Including The Ability To Pull Prices for Used Items

Instructions to Upgrade to 2.3 from 2.0/2.1/2.2

Before starting, if you do not have a current backup of your site, now is a good time to make one.

1. Download WPZonBuilder23.zip from the customer area.
2. If you have custom templates or any modifications done, make sure you save these before proceeding to step 3.
3. De-activate WP Zon Builder from the Plugins page of the admin panel.
4. Delete the /wp-content/plugins/amzn/ folder.
5. Follow the installation instructions in WPZonBuilder23.zip.

Upgrade instructions for 1.x customers

Users of 1.15+ can upgrade to 2.x by following the instructions here. Users pre-1.15 should upgrade to 1.16b first before upgrading to 2.0/2.1. Read this for more details.

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