WP Zon Builder 2.3b is a maintenance release fixing the No Data In Posts issue that started yesterday. Read on for upgrade instructions and technical details.

Instructions to Upgrade to 2.3b from 2.0/2.1/2.2/2.3

Before starting, if you do not have a current backup of your site, now is a good time to make one.

1. Download WPZonBuilder23b.zip from the customer area.
2. De-activate WP Zon Builder on the Plugins page of your WP admin panel.
3. If you have custom templates or any modifications done, make sure you save these before proceeding to step 4.
4. Delete the /wp-content/plugins/amzn/ folder.
5. Follow the installation instructions in WPZonBuilder23b.zip.

Upgrade instructions for 1.x customers

Users of 1.15+ can upgrade to 2.x by following the instructions here. Users pre-1.15 should upgrade to 1.16b first before upgrading to 2.3b. Read this for more details.

2.x Customers: Want The Fix, But Don’t Want To Upgrade To 2.3b?
Replace the file /wp-content/plugins/amzn/amznproductdata.php with the file in this .zip. This fix will work for all 2.x customers, even current users of 2.3. If you have a lot of installations, this is probably the easiest way to upgrade, as this is the only file that has been modified in 2.3b.

1.x Customers ONLY: Want The Fix, But Don’t Want To Upgrade To 2.3b?Replace the file /wp-content/plugins/amzn/amznproductdata.php with the file in this .zip. It is recommended that you upgrade to version 1.16b before applying this fix.

Technical Details

Amazon recently removed the Tags ResponseGroup from their API. I assumed that Amazon would just no longer return the data in the Tags ResponseGroup, but I was mistaken – any request that asks for Tags ResponseGroup data would be returned as invalid, and no data would be returned at all, not even data for valid ResponseGroups.

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