WP Zon Builder Customers:

I understand your concerns about someone else in charge of this product. I will absolutely not sell to a buyer who will not continue supporting and updating the plugin. If the buyer isn’t going to perform at least as well as I have, I won’t sell to them. If I do find a suitable buyer, I will be staying on for at least a month and ensuring the new buyer knows how to do everything at least as well as I do.

In addition, if you bought the product from me, you can always get technical support from me at the same e-mail address currently listed at http://www.wpzonbuilder.com/support

Even if WPZonBuilder.com is sold, if you paid me, you are entitled to support from me. If Amazon is to update their API and require changes to the plugin, I am certain the buyer of WPZonBuilder.com will update the plugin accordingly.

However, if the buyer doesn’t, I will.

The bottom line is that if you bought the plugin, I will deliver what I promised to you: lifetime support and updates – from me if necessary.

I have taken on additional projects and responsibilities over the last few months, and the time I have to devote to WP Zon Builder is limited. Right now, I am still able to provide excellent support, but six months down the road, I don’t see myself able to provide the type of support and frequency of updates I would like to.

What does a sale really mean for the plugin? Likely it means much better quality support and updates. I have feature requests, ideas, and more that will all go to the new buyer. I simply don’t have time to implement all of the improvements I would like to make to the plugin. A new buyer will want to increase revenue – that means they’ll want to improve the product and release updates.


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