How to Auto Update Amazon Affiliate Prices and Availability

Keeping your Amazon Affiliate Prices and Availability Current

Monetize any website with Amazon Affiliate ProductsHere we will show you How to keep your Amazon Affiliate Prices and Availability current and up to date on your Amazon website. It  is easy, if you choose the right settings.

The problem – Sometimes the Product Prices or Availability on your Amazon Affiliate website does not match what is shown on  There can be several reasons for this.

  • Prices and Availability change on  Some products change a lot (multiple times per day) and some are more stable.
  • The Amazon Affiliate Program API (Amazon’s data feed) – It’s not perfect.  It has a time delay from  Prices might update in minutes or hours.  Some times data from the API does not match
  • WP Zon builder settings are not set to update Price and Availability as often as you would like. You can set your Amazon Product posts to update at different day intervals.

If you don’t see changes on your site, that you just made, it might be because:

  • You might be using some type of caching plugin like, wp super cache. You can deactivate your caching plugin, to see your recent changes to your website.
  • Your browser might be caching the old page, clear your cache. Shift > refresh page.

How to set your Amazon Affiliate Products to Auto Update Pricing

How to keep your Amazon Affiliate Prices and Availability current and update

Go to the “WPZonBuilder General Settings” -> “Cache” page there is a “Refresh Product Data From Amazon Older Than X Day(s)” check box. Check it and set it to 0 days. This will make it to where the product data is updated every time the post is viewed. Setting it to 2 or 3 or any number of days will cause the product data to not refresh until the time limit you set is met.

If that feature is left un-checked, then the product data for the post is the same as it was the moment the post was created. However, simply checking the box, setting the amount of time for the refresh and saving the changes will make the product data update accordingly.

Recap Summary

Un-checked – Amazon Product data will never update.

0 days = Posts updates with Amazon every time the page is viewed. This setting is good for setting up new posts and testing. Note – If you have a lot of traffic hitting many pages at the same time, this can cause a load on your server, because software is checking with Amazon API every time and rebuilding pages on the fly.  If this is happening with 100s of pages at the same time, it might slow things down.  We don’t recommend this setting for busy sites or over loaded shared hosting servers.

1 day – Posts will update after 1 day old. This is the RECOMMENDED Setting.  In other words the post will update once per day. This is a good balance of up to date, but not over load.

2 days – Posts will update after 2 days old

N days – Post will update after N days old.

You can choose the best setting for your sites.

Amazon Affiliate Program

Tip – If you don’t need to list price, leave the price off your pages and use the More info button to send them to Amazon immediately.  It is a good practice to get your visitors to Amazon as soon as possible, this will set your Amazon affiliate cookie and they could buy anything once they get there.

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