Make a static home page for my Amazon Affiliate Site

Content Site with a Store or Product Category.

Put content like Reviews, Articles, Videos or images about your niche on the home page, then use WP Zon Builder to create a Store or Product Category filled with all of your Amazon Affiliate Products.

You can make your home page what ever you want. I like the idea of putting reviews and articles about your niche. Make sure you are targeting your keywords and the home page SEO is good for the search engines.

Many People already have website, so they can use WP Zon Builder to create a Store or Product category.  Here you can add 100’s of products to your existing site.

In WordPress go to the “Settings” -> “Reading” page.  There is a section called “Front page displays”.  You can make your choice there and save the changes.

Here is a quick video on how to make a static homepage.

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Amazon AWS Key and Amazon AWS Secret Key

Here is a video about how to find your Amazon AWS Key and Amazon AWS Secret Key.

Go to this page:

If you have already signed up you can click the link “Resource Center” and then click “Manage Your Account”.  If you have not signed up then click the “Sign Up Now” button towards the top of the page.

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Content site with an Amazon Affiliate Store as a Category or Sub Directory

You can add a Amazon Affiliate Store full of Products to any website.

Even non WordPress sites, with WP Zon builder.   Check out the video below where one of our customers built a very cool game site full of content, and then added a “Store” Directory, where he added his products.

In the content area of the website you can add as many links as you want to the Amazon Store area or links to specific products in the Store.

In this example they have the Amazon Store in a sub directory of the Main site, but it could be its own URL or a sub domain.


Here is Video:



Monetize existing websites and posts with Inline product listings

Easily add Amazon Products to your existing website, blog, reviews, posts, pages, etc.

If you already have an Existing website, you can use WP Zon Builder’s Inline Single and Multi product listings feature to add products to any post or page.  Now when people visit your website, they will have another opportunity to buy a related product.

  • With the Inline Single - you pick the exact product you want to list.  You can stack several of the singles together if you want to show more than one product.
  • With the Inline Multi – you pick a keyword and Amazon will list similar or related products.  The Inline Multi allows multiple products to be listed.  We recommend listing 3-6 products in these type of listings.

These WP Zon Builder features make it easy to Monetize your site. Watch the video to see how it works.

This is just one of the ways you can use WP Zon Builder to monetize existing sites. Click here to see more ways to Monetize your sites.


Best Amazon Plugin – Install WordPress Theme – Gazette WP Zon Builder

How to install a WordPress theme from your hard drive into WordPress. This video shows how to install the modified Gazette theme bundled for free with WP Zon Builder. Easily make a site in 10 minutes.

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Amazon Plugin – jQuery Fancybox Image Galleries

Amazon Plugin Feature

In This video we demo the jQuery Fancybox Image Galleries. This is a very cool feature. It gives your site a professional look. It is very easy to enable.

You can display a gallery of product thumbnail images. Clicking on a thumbnail will open the full-size image in a lightbox.

With this Amazon Plugin you can make a website filled with Amazon products in 10 minutes.

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Insert License Keys for Amazon Plugin WP Zon Builder

How to insert WP Zon Builder license keys and Amazon Affiliate keys into the WP Zon Builder plugin. This video takes you step by step on how to enter this info.

If you need to know how to obtain your Amazon Keys, Click here.

The keys can be quite long and many have inadvertently missed a few characters when copying and pasting the keys. Make sure you have the entire key. Try clicking in the box and doing (ctrl+a) to select all then copy and paste. The select all (ctrl+a) insures that you get everything.

IMPORTANT: Make sure that there are no blank spaces at the front or back the the keys. Having a blank space can cause errors.

Check out our video on How to Add Amazon Plugin product posts to your website.

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How To Install WP Zon Builder

WP Zon Builder installs like any other plugin.

  • Go to the WordPress Admin Plugins page.
  • Upload and Activate plugin.

That’s it, your initial install is complete.

For additional information please visit the Tutorials & Documentation page.

This video discusses uploading, installing and activating the WP Zon Builder plugin.

Amazon WordPress plugin installation. How to install the WP Zon Builder plugin into WordPress.

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Download and License Key

How do I download or re-download plugin?
Where do I find my License Key?
I lost my password to the downloads area.

To Download your product.

Go to enter your Name and Email,  on the next page login with the username and password you were provided with at sign-up.

If you can’t find your password, there is a forgot password feature.

  • Once logged in click the link “My Packages
  • On the right hand side of that screen there is the link for “View Details”
  • Click “View Details”
  • Click the tabe marked “Downloads”
  • Click “Latest – Wp Zon Builder x.x”, click on zip file and download to desktop.  The Gazette Theme is also available on that page.
  • Click “Licenses” to see your License Key.

mypackages view details

 A screen will be displayed with some product details.  To be able to view your downloads or licenses you will need to click on the Downloads tab or the Licenses tab in the View Details screen.

Downloads Licenses screen

** Note – If you are trying to Upgrade to a newer version, but new version is not visible in your download area. 

You need to:

1- Clear cache and try again
2- Try another browser
3- Make sure you are using the login details you received at time of purchase.

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WP Zon Builder Amazon WordPress Plugin On-Site Cart and other Widgets

This is a part of a series of videos showing the construction of the Best Cool Phones demo site.

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Where Is License Key And Downloads?

Click here for answer and video.

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Add to Queue WP Zon Builder

How to post products. In this video we show you how to add Amazon Affiliate product posts to a site using WP Zon Builder with the Add to Queue and Post Products.

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How To Modify A WordPress Theme Template

How to modify a theme template in WP Zon Builder an Amazon WordPress Plugin.

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