This page outlines some very common questions. If you do not see the answer to your question here, send us an e-mail and we’ll help you out.

If you are a current version 1 customer and are looking for information on upgrading to 2.x, click here.


Is WP Zon Builder easy to install?
A monkey could do it, but just in case you are dumber than a monkey or you don’t want the hassle, don’t  have the time or want it to be magically done, we will install WP Zon Builder on your WordPress site for $35. Click here.

Is WP Zon Builder regularly updated?
Yes you can see a list of the latest updates in the Change Log.

Do I have to sign up for Amazon’s Associate Program to use WP Zon Builder?
Yes, Amazon requires a set of keys to be able to access their product API.

Can I use WP Zon Builder on existing WordPress sites?
Yes, If you already have a site up and running, you can use WP Zon Builder to Monetize it. There are numerous ways click here for more details.

Does WP Zon Builder work on GoDaddy?

What if I don’t like it? Is there a money back guarantee?
Let us know within 14 days of purchasing and we’ll give you a full refund, no questions asked.

Once I pay, where do I download the plugin?
Click the Customer Login link in the Existing Customers menu on the lower-right portion of any page on

How many of my personal sites can I put this plugin on?
Unlimited personal sites.

If I later decide to become a Developer can I pay the difference between Personal and Developer License?
Yes, just send us a message at support.


You can visit the Tutorials & Documentation page to see answers and helpful videos.

How do I download or re-download plugin?
Where do I find my License Key?
I lost my password to the downloads area.
Click here for answers and video.

How do I install the WP Zon Builder Amazon plugin?
Watch this video How To Install WP Zon Builder.

How do I Post Products?
Watch this video. Add to Queue WP Zon Builder

Can you edit WP Zon Builder posts?
Yes, find the answer here.

Images/pictures disappeared after I upgraded WordPress?
WordPress 3.4 changed the way that Thumbnail/Featured Images are handled, click here for solution.

Why do I get 404 Not Found errors on my links to Amazon when I enable Click Tracking?
You need enable Pretty Permalinks on the Settings -> Permalinks page of your WordPress admin panel. Watch this 2 minute screencast – it shows exactly what you need to do to get the Pretty Links/Click Tracking feature working.

I get an error message saying WPZonBuilder couldn’t connect to Amazon Web Services.
Make sure you have correctly entered your AWS keys on the AWS/Aff. Settings page of the plugin.

On the Add To Queue page, I see Warning: curl_setopt() [function.curl-setopt ] … after each result.
Either disable safe_mode or replace the file /wp-content/plugins/amzn/tarzan/_httprequest.class.php with the file in this .zip.

I get an error message saying my license is invalid.
Ensure you have correctly entered your license key and make sure you have the newest version of plugin.

Can I sell a site I’ve created with WP Zon Builder?
You can’t transfer any part of your license to WP Zon Builder. It is for your own use only. To sell a site, the buyer would have to obtain their own license to use WP Zon Builder before you would be allowed to transfer the site to them.

Have the New Owner go to our site and purchase plugin, via normal sale. They will get an unlimited site license. Then insert their license key into plugin when you put it on their server.

What options are available to Developers/Site flippers?

Click here to get Developers and Site Flipper details.

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