There are times when certain peaces of information do not show on a product post and you will see a default response saying that information is not available.  Why does this happen?

Amazon’s API only returns certain sets of information.  The API does not return all of the information available on Amazon’s site itself.

Let us say that the Sale Price is not available through the API.

Recommended solution:

On the “WPZonBuilder Language Settings” page in the “Empty Data Returned By Amazon Web Services” section you can change the Empty Data fields with statements like this:

<a href=”[DetailPageURL]” target=”_blank”>Click here for Best Price!</a>

This will make the statement a link to the Amazon product page with your Tracking ID and cookie.  Getting the cookie set as soon as possible is a good thing.  So I feel this is a great solution for the situation when Amazon does not return data for a particular field.

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