CTR Theme and WP Zon Builder
CTR Theme and WP Zon Builder


Combine 2 revenue streams into one site.  The CTR Theme is a specially designed theme that displays Adsense ads in a way to prevent “Ad Blindness”. CTR means Click Through Rate and this theme capitalizes on making the best out of that ratio.

Combining WP Zon Builder posts and the CTR Theme can have a double effect on adding to your bottom line.  More chances for revenue exposure in this nice clean theme. Check out this post CTR Theme combining Amazon and Adsense.

Tablet Reviews
Tablet Reviews

This is a demo of a Review style site. Not only can WP Zon Builder build complete sites, but you can use it to create or Monetize any type of site, even existing sites. On this demo site you will see many different styles of Review posts. You can click on the category “Review Layout Styles” to see examples.

Click here to read our Post on different Review Styles.

If you want this Review Theme for your product websites, Use This coupon code – TabletReviewTheme – When you purchase WP Zon Builder.  Your Cost will be $98 for both plugin and theme.

Best Cool Phones
Best Cool Phones Demo

This site show cases many features of WP Zon Builder and the Free Bonus Gazette theme. Give customers to your site a full on-site shopping experience by using widgets and simple custom graphics. Eye catching and feature rich.

Check out the demo sites to see WP Zon Builder in action. All of the demo sites were created with WP Zon Builder strictly out of the box – no modifications to the plugin were made. Everything you see done here can be done right in the WordPress admin area. We didn’t touch a single line of code on the examples below.

Calphalon Cookware Demo
This site lists Calphalon cookware. All of the products were added in just one click using the Search & Add By Browsenode feature.



Custom Field Mapping Demo
This site demonstrates the custom field mapping feature by filling the thumbnail custom field used by the theme with the thumbnail image URL from Amazon.



Golf Books Demo
This site lists various instructional books on different aspects of the game of golf.



Hammer Reviews Demo
This site lists various hammers and displays real reviews along side them.